The LandscapeLodges® can be used throughout the year
without utility connections.



The LandschapLodges® can be used throughout the year without utility connections.

The lodges are well-insulated, and the renewable installations that are incorporated are entirely CO2 neutral.


A wood pellet stove is used for heating purposes. The wood pellet stove is installed in the living room, and ensures comfortable heating. The use of wood pellets, a renewable energy source, makes the lodge's heating CO2 neutral.


The necessary water is obtained locally, from a well, and is suitable for showering and washing after filtration. Drinking water is offered in bottles.


A heat pump boiler has been incorporated, in order to make the best possible use of all available energy. This allows for the energy from the discharged ventilation air to be used to produce warm tap water.


The waste water is purified in an entirely natural way using a helophyte filter (reed land).


The necessary electricity is generated with PV panels. This can be installed in the area around the lodge. The excess electricity will be stored in the lodge in a battery pack. This will also guarantee the electrical supply for night-time use and for dark periods.